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Limitations of medical marijuana usage in Florida

Florida is known as a state where many people come to get away from it all and have a good time, but many tourists do not realize that the state still maintains relatively strict laws surrounding marijuana use. In fact, even those who think they're safe because of a medical marijuana exception may run into trouble with the law, depending on the way in which they consume the drug.

Things to consider before speaking to police

Whenever you encounter a police officer, it is important to understand that everything you say may qualify as evidence against you in court, whether you believe you are guilty of a crime or not. While this primarily applies to official interactions with police, such as a traffic stop, all interactions with police carry the same possibilities.

When do police have to read your Miranda rights?

As a tourist, you may find yourself face-to-face with police for a variety of reasons, some valid and some less so. Unfortunately, police interactions are not always the way that television and movies portray them, and some police may attempt to place you at ease so they can continue to gather evidence against you without your knowledge. If you do not know your rights and when they take effect, you may incriminate yourself unfairly.

What is a pretrial diversion?

A pretrial diversion is an important legal alternative to conviction that many defendants overlook when preparing their defense. When a prosecutor or judge agrees to a pretrial diversion, a suspect does not face a criminal trial or plea bargain that results in a conviction. Instead, the suspect agrees to complete some alternative punishment or rehabilitation program in return for dropped charges.

Reasons a prosecutor may drop charges

When a person receives criminal charges, this does not mean that the person in question is guilty. In fact, many criminal charges get dismissed before they ever reach trial or sentencing, depending on the facts of the arrest in question and the perspective of the prosecutor assigned to a given case.

Facing criminal charges as a tourist

Any time that people face criminal charges, they may find themselves overwhelmed and not know how to respond appropriately. This is even more common when people facing criminal charges are tourists in an area or state where they do not live, placing them outside of the home field advantage.

Is a DUI your surprise souvenir from a Florida vacation?

When you scheduled your Florida vacation, you probably hoped to come home with an incredible tan. Instead, you ended up in legal trouble and came back with pending charges in another state. That can be an incredibly scary situation. One of the most common legal issues for tourists involves driving under the influence charges. While Florida has similar legal limits for alcohol when compared with other states, it's easier to make bad decisions when you're kicking back on your vacation.

Traveling with firearms across state lines

Traveling from state to state is often more complicated for gun owners. Different states maintain separate firearm ownership laws, and may or may not recognize the ownership and carrying permits issued by another state, among other things. If you're hoping to travel to Florida from another state with a firearm, be sure to take several precautions.

Public intoxication can mean real criminal charges

Daytona enjoys a rich reputation as a party city that welcomes tourists to come enjoy the diverse nightlife it has to offer. However, some tourists may find themselves on the wrong side of the law if their nightlife (or daytime) activities lead to public intoxication. As a tourist in Daytona, do you really need to worry about public intoxication charges?

Tourists must defend their rights against unlawful search

Florida enjoys a reputation as a party state to much of the rest of the country, and while the reputation is deserved in many respects, it doesn't mean that anything goes in the Sunshine State. Many tourists assume that because of this reputation and the fact that Florida has now legalized medical marijuana use that police simply don't care about a tourist carrying some marijuana on his or her person or in his or her car. Unfortunately, this type of behavior can still lead to charges that may entail very high penalties.

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