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Drunk Driving Archives

Can police always legally search your vehicle?

When a police officer stops you, it is important for you to understand your rights under the law, especially when it comes to your right to privacy and security. While a police officer does bear a responsibility to uphold the law, he or she does not bear a responsibility to explain the law to you, and may even have grounds to lie to you in certain circumstances. This particularly true when an officer wishes to search your vehicle during a stop.

A DUI felony in Florida can ruin your career

If you live in Florida, you might think that the state's reputation as a vacation destination might imply that law enforcement is generally less aggressive about enforcing drinking laws. However, DUI charges are actually very common and are nothing to take lightly. Even if it is your first offense, you may face serious fines or other punishments, but if you face DUI charges more than once or if you cause serious property damage or harm to another person in your first DUI accident, these can quickly graduate to felony charges.

What might affect the validity of a field sobriety test?

Whenever a police officer stops a driver on suspicion of drunk driving, it is very likely that the officer will choose to employ a field sobriety test to demonstrate the sobriety or inebriation of the driver. However, these tests are not magically perfect, and many factors may affect them, producing undependable results. In many cases, an experienced attorney may identify grounds on which to challenge the accuracy of a field sobriety test.

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