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Commercial Vehicle Accidents Archives

Can I always recover in an accident with a jackknifed truck?

Large commercial trucks are so common on highways and interstates that we often forget just how devastatingly dangerous they are, especially when a tractor-trailer jackknifes out of control. These enormous mechanical beasts may wipe out many consumer vehicles in a particularly bad accident, as the trailer swings wildly out of its lane, sometimes affecting multiple lanes of traffic in a single motion.

Truck accident claims may involve many defendants

When a commercial truck accident occurs, it may create much more complex liability than an accident only involving consumer drivers. This may both benefit and complicate an injury claim arising from the accident, so it is important to have a detailed, nuanced understanding of the legal issues at hand when it comes time to build such a claim.

Do you understand the difficulties of driving a commercial truck?

When you share the road with large trucks, especially on large, multilane highways and interstates, it is crucial that you understand the difficulties that commercial truck drivers face, for your safety and the safety of other drivers. Driving a large truck is fundamentally different from driving a consumer vehicle, but far too many drivers behave around large trucks as if they are not difficult to operate and pose no greater threat than any other vehicle on the road.

Avoid these driving behaviors around large commercial vehicles

As a consumer driver, it is often easy to forget just how vulnerable large commercial trucks are while sharing the road. Unfortunately, many types of driving behavior by consumer drivers create huge risks to large commercial vehicles, which in turn creates potential disaster for many vehicles on the road.

What is a commercial driver's duty to other drivers?

If you survive an accident with an large commercial vehicle, you have a number of issues to address. First, it is wise to take a moment and consciously acknowledge that you're alive, so things could definitely be much worse. Commercial trucks are devastatingly deadly when they collide with consumer vehicles. Even in gratitude, however, you must take great care to keep your rights protected as you fight for a fair resolution to the accident.

Who is liable for a commercial truck accident?

Accidents involving large commercial trucks are often more complicated than other kinds of car accidents, and one of the primary reasons is that a victim may have a number of distinct lawsuits to navigate. Depending on the nature of the relationship between the driver and the shipping company using the truck, a victim may file lawsuits against a number of different parties.

Should I call an attorney to the scene of a large truck accident?

If you experience a car accident involving a large commercial truck, do you know how to respond while you are at the scene where the accident took place? Of course, you should always make it a priority to seek out medical care for any injuries that you or your passengers suffer, and you should certainly remain mindful of the legal impact of anything you say to the other driver, such as something he or she may believe is an admission of guilt or liability. Also, you may want to call an attorney out to the scene of the accident.

After a car accident with a commercial truck, who should I sue?

After you experience a car accident involving a large commercial truck, it is not always clear whether you should pursue fair compensation for your injuries and losses from the driver of the vehicle, the driver's employer or some other party.

How you can reduce your risk of being injured in a taxi crash

Researchers have combed the records of millions of crash cases involving both commercial vehicles and personal ones across the world and the verdict is finally in. If you have a choice, you may want to choose to ride in a taxi that's yellow, according to a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Make a plan when you are struck by a commercial driver

There is no reason why a person who is driving a commercial vehicle, such as a semi-truck, doesn't drive safely. These individuals are being paid to drive, which is why they should make sure they are paying close attention to what they are doing. Sadly, some employees just don't care enough to be bothered with giving their full attention to the road.

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