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How growing awareness about truck accidents may help your case

We all know that motor vehicle accidents sometimes simply happen in life. This mantra also applies to incidents involving commercial vehicles and smaller automobiles. Unfortunately, these kinds of accidents are particularly dangerous and often result in catastrophic injuries or the loss of life.

Can you sue Uber after an accident?

Your Uber driver picks you up from the airport, but it only takes five minutes for your trip to fall apart. While trying to make a left-hand turn, the Uber driver cuts off a pickup truck and gets in an accident. You get rushed to the hospital with significant injuries. As you recover, you start wondering if you can sue.

Who is liable for a commercial truck accident?

Accidents involving large commercial trucks are often more complicated than other kinds of car accidents, and one of the primary reasons is that a victim may have a number of distinct lawsuits to navigate. Depending on the nature of the relationship between the driver and the shipping company using the truck, a victim may file lawsuits against a number of different parties.

Should I call an attorney to the scene of a large truck accident?

If you experience a car accident involving a large commercial truck, do you know how to respond while you are at the scene where the accident took place? Of course, you should always make it a priority to seek out medical care for any injuries that you or your passengers suffer, and you should certainly remain mindful of the legal impact of anything you say to the other driver, such as something he or she may believe is an admission of guilt or liability. Also, you may want to call an attorney out to the scene of the accident.

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