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Did police violate your rights during your arrest?

One of the most important components of America's legal system is our principle that all those accused of crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This principle applies to anyone and everyone, but law enforcement often acts outside the bounds of acceptable conduct when they interact with a suspect, sometimes violating a suspect's civil rights.

Is a DUI checkpoint a violation of my constitutional rights?

Drinking and driving is never a good move, but sometimes people get behind the wheel believing that they are good to drive, only to find themselves caught in a police checkpoint. DUI checkpoints may save many lives, but some legal experts contend that they are not actually legal, constitutionally speaking.

Cycling in Florida: A hazardous proposition

You love riding a bicycle, but you know that Florida is one of the most dangerous places to do so. Even though you have strong riding skills and take time to prepare before a ride, your safety doesn't just come down to what you do. It's up to drivers to pay attention, too.

Fighting back against a claim denial

Imagine driving to the supermarket. As you approach the parking lot, you turn on your blinker and prepare to make a right turn into the lot. At the moment that you enter the parking lot, the car that was traveling behind you suddenly collides with the passenger side of your car.

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