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Is an airline liable for all injuries suffered on an aircraft?

When you choose to travel with an airline, you have an expectation that the personnel who assist you on the plane and the pilot are all capable of doing their respective jobs properly, especially as it relates to your safely. However, if you suffer an injury while on board a commercial aircraft, it is not always simple to know who holds liability. Airlines, often described as "common carriers," bear a number of responsibilities to their passengers, but those responsibilities have very strict limits.

Who can be held liable in an airplane crash?

Airplane crashes can wreak havoc on the lives of those involved and their families. The crash often results in catastrophic or fatal injuries to crew and passengers. Property damage is often extensive. Determining what caused the crash can be difficult and take a long time. Proving fault can also be just as time-consuming.

The primary causes of plane crashes

No one gets into an airplane expecting it to crash. However, aviation accidents happen every day throughout the world. These accidents may involve small pleasure crafts, charter airplanes and jets, large business-class jets, small airplanes, hang gliders, helicopters and other types of airborne vehicles.

Severe turbulence and in-flight injuries

Turbulence is the term in the aircraft industry used to describe pockets where the airflow is disrupted and irregular. From a pilot's point of view, turbulence can be a challenge to handle. From a passenger's point of view, turbulence usually equals a bumpy ride and a few frayed nerves -- although, on occasion, it ends up leading to injuries.

How NTSB's airplane crash investigation process works

When aviation accidents occur, most times, no surviving pilot, flight crew or passengers make it out alive, Thus, it can be particularly difficult to know exactly what may have caused the crash. Because of this, in 1967, the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) was founded in the hope that, by investigating civil plane crashes, a better understanding about how to prevent future ones could occur.

Plane crash claims 2 lives in Volusia County

According to a National Transportation Safety Board spokesman, the pilot whose plane crashed on Dec. 26 "crashed on go-around after a missed approach." The spokesman said he couldn't confirm anything else about the crash, which occurred in the Spruce Creek Fly-In, until the investigation was completed.

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