10 scary car accident statistics you must know

Do you ever feel like the road is a dangerous place? It's not just in your head. The reality is that the road is one of the most dangerous places you can go, and driving is the most dangerous thing many people will ever do in their lives.

That trip to the grocery store could turn fatal. That drive to pick up the kids from school could land you in the hospital with serious injuries. That errand you have to run on your lunch break could leave you with a permanent disability.

It always feels like it will never happen to you, but no one expects these things. And yet they happen all the time. Below are 10 frightening statistics that help show you how dangerous the road really is.

  1. Every year, more than 2.5 million people get in car accidents across the country. That comes out to just under 7,000 car accidents per day.
  2. In those 2.5 million accidents, at least 37,000 people pass away in any given year. Some years see significantly higher death tolls.
  3. 1.6 million car accidents get linked to a cellphone in some fashion. Amazingly, that accounts for 64 percent of the total. Issues involve using a cellphone to talk, text, stream music or run a GPS app, among other things.
  4. Texting is the worst violation, when looking at cellphone accidents. It accounts for 78 percent of the total. It's a severe distraction since drivers do not look at the road or hold the wheel with both hands.
  5. Drunk driving is bad, but texting and driving is worse. Some reports claim you are 6 times as likely to crash while texting than you are while driving drunk.
  6. Just 3 seconds of distraction is enough to lead to a crash. Many people assume it's safe to do something quickly -- like eating and driving -- but it's not.
  7. Text and driving takes the lives of 11 teens per day in the United States. Some are texting, but others get hit by drivers who are texting.
  8. In other cases, teens ride with texting drivers -- perhaps friends from school. When asked if they had ridden with a texting driver, 48 percent of teens admitted they had.
  9. Crashes involving some form of distraction lead to 421,000 annual injuries. This goes far beyond cellphones and involves things like eating, grooming, gawking at other accidents and talking to friends.
  10. At 55 miles per hour, you cross a football field in about five seconds. That's not nearly as much reaction time as most people think they have.

You can see why car accidents pose such an incredible risk. If you suffer an injury, make sure you know what steps to take.

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