The various types of plane crashes

Plane crashes are in the news more often than we would like to hear about them. Whether they involve private planes, commercial airliners, passenger planes or sight-seeing planes, these accidents can be deadly. Even the most minor of plane accidents, before a plane takes off or just after it lands, can still be devastating depending on the injuries suffered. Today, we will take a look at the various types of plane accidents that can occur in Florida.

The most common type of plane accident is that of general aviation. This category includes private planes. These accidents are typically caused by pilot error, a faulty part, a poorly designed plane, faulty maintenance or bad weather conditions at the time of the flight.

Military plane crashes are another type of airplane accident. These accidents occur during training missions and during combat abroad. These military planes might be carrying supplies, troops or even refugees being removed from war-torn countries.

Helicopter crashes are also included in this category of airplane crashes. Helicopters include those for the news, police, firefighting, military and private helicopters. The causes of these crashes are similar to the ones that cause general aviation plane crashes.

Commercial air carriers are another type of airplane crash. They involve hundreds of passengers since the planes are so big. These can be very tragic plane crashes.

The plane accidents discussed here today are the most common ones in the state of Florida and around the country. Victims of plane crashes can find themselves dealing with serious injuries and even death. Be sure you know how to protect yourself properly when on a plane.

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