How to spot motorcycles this spring in Florida

The spring season is finally upon us and the weather is ripe for motorcycles. You are likely seeing more and more motorcycles on the roads of South Daytona as the days get closer to summer. As more motorcycles are on the road, the likelihood of an accident increases. Don't find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident, or the cause of one as a motor vehicle operator. Here's how to spot motorcycles on Florida roads.

Check your mirrors often when driving on the roads of South Daytona. This is a town known for motorcycles, so you will inevitably have to drive your car near one. Check your rearview and side-view mirrors as much as possible. You also need to keep an eye on your blind spots as motorcycles can hide there easily.

When entering a highway or turning onto a road, you need to look twice for motorcycles. Checking once is not enough. A motorcycle can appear in your line of vision quickly. That's why you need to look twice before pulling out from an intersection, entering a highway or turning onto a road from a stop sign or traffic light.

Always leave room between your vehicle and a motorcycle if one is in front of you. Don't stop too close to the bike or follow too closely. You might not have the reaction time necessary to avoid slamming into it at a red light or when traffic slows due to congestion.

If you are able to follow the tips outlined in this post, you should have no trouble spotting a motorcycle near you on the roads of South Daytona.

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