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The various types of plane crashes

Plane crashes are in the news more often than we would like to hear about them. Whether they involve private planes, commercial airliners, passenger planes or sight-seeing planes, these accidents can be deadly. Even the most minor of plane accidents, before a plane takes off or just after it lands, can still be devastating depending on the injuries suffered. Today, we will take a look at the various types of plane accidents that can occur in Florida.

Getting caught driving without a license in Florida

It is never legal in the United States to drive any vehicle without a valid driver's license. In the same way, there are different types of licenses for vehicles, therefore you cannot drive certain trucks and motorcycles unless you have a license to be able to do so. Being caught driving in the state of Florida without the correct type of license, or without a valid license, can be serious. It is important that you take action fast when you have been convicted of this.

Sex offenders can now be tracked easier in Florida

It has now become much easier to track sex offenders in the state of Florida. The state has decided to upgrade the website where the public can research the location of registered sex offenders and sex predators all across the state. The links to the revamped website were released by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement earlier in the month of April for the public to begin using.

How to spot motorcycles this spring in Florida

The spring season is finally upon us and the weather is ripe for motorcycles. You are likely seeing more and more motorcycles on the roads of South Daytona as the days get closer to summer. As more motorcycles are on the road, the likelihood of an accident increases. Don't find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident, or the cause of one as a motor vehicle operator. Here's how to spot motorcycles on Florida roads.

Changes in how Florida deals with mental illness

In the last thirty years, the responsibility for managing situations that result from people with mental illnesses has fallen to the police. Mostly, this situation leads to the mentally ill being sent to jail rather than receiving treatment. However, that trend might be changing with the help of some new programs.

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