Limitations of medical marijuana usage in Florida

Florida is known as a state where many people come to get away from it all and have a good time, but many tourists do not realize that the state still maintains relatively strict laws surrounding marijuana use. In fact, even those who think they're safe because of a medical marijuana exception may run into trouble with the law, depending on the way in which they consume the drug.

One of Florida's many state-specific legal peculiarities demonstrates just how important a nuanced understanding of the law can be when defending against drug charges. In the case of medical marijuana users, they may still receive charges from police if they choose to smoke the drug rather than consume it some nonsmokable form. Only oils, edible, vaporized or topical marijuana may be legally used under the medical exception, not whole-flower forms of the drug.

For those who run into trouble with the law when it comes to marijuana, it is important build a strong defense as quickly as possible to ensure that they have ample time to assess the evidence against them and the strength of the charges. A simple misunderstanding of the law in this area can mean the difference between a relaxing weekend on the beach and serious fines or even significant jail time.

If you or someone you love faces unexpected marijuana charges, don't hesitate to consider all the legal strategies you have to work with in order to build a defense as quickly and effectively as you can. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you examine your charges closely and build a strong defense to protect your rights and freedoms.

Source: High Times, "Is Florida Lifting The Ban On Smoking Medical Marijuana?," Chris Roberts, accessed March 16, 2018

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