Can I always recover in an accident with a jackknifed truck?

Large commercial trucks are so common on highways and interstates that we often forget just how devastatingly dangerous they are, especially when a tractor-trailer jackknifes out of control. These enormous mechanical beasts may wipe out many consumer vehicles in a particularly bad accident, as the trailer swings wildly out of its lane, sometimes affecting multiple lanes of traffic in a single motion.

However, when a commercial truck jackknife's, the accident is not always deemed the responsibly of the truck's driver or any party affiliated with the truck. Despite the massive damage that these vehicles can produce, they may or may not be liable in an accident, just like any other driver. Too many victims in commercial truck accidents assume that a jackknifed truck is automatically liable, which is simply not the case.

If, for instance, a truck jackknife's because of the actions of another driver or because road conditions changed suddenly and the driver could not properly compensate, neither the driver nor the driver's employer or any other party associated with the truck may actually hold liability. This can be a frustrating loss for those who suffer damages or injuries in such an accident, because consumer insurance policies may not provide the coverage needed to address the substantial damage a commercial truck may incur.

If you recently suffered losses or injuries in a jackknifed truck accident, you should make sure to carefully scrutinize the circumstances of the accident to ensure that you fully understand the likely outcomes and can build a well-supported claim. An experienced attorney can help you examine all the legal issues at hand and provide useful guidance as you build a strong, evidence-based claim.

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