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Discussing the Florida penalties for driving under the influence

Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol in Florida is a serious crime. Even though there are strict laws in place, many people still find themselves facing such a charge in South Daytona. It's also not uncommon to come across people who have been charged with DUI multiple times. Those facing charges need to know the penalties set forth by the state of Florida for DUI offenses.

Are drivers always at fault in single-car accidents?

In many cases, a car accident involves two or more vehicles, and occurs because of a driving error by at least one party. In these instances, the responsible parties may hold significant liability for the damages to both their own property and others' property damaged in the accident. Understandably, this potential burden often drives each party to search out any reason they can find to avoid liability and pin it on another party or external factor.

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