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March 2018 Archives

Can I always recover in an accident with a jackknifed truck?

Large commercial trucks are so common on highways and interstates that we often forget just how devastatingly dangerous they are, especially when a tractor-trailer jackknifes out of control. These enormous mechanical beasts may wipe out many consumer vehicles in a particularly bad accident, as the trailer swings wildly out of its lane, sometimes affecting multiple lanes of traffic in a single motion.

Limitations of medical marijuana usage in Florida

Florida is known as a state where many people come to get away from it all and have a good time, but many tourists do not realize that the state still maintains relatively strict laws surrounding marijuana use. In fact, even those who think they're safe because of a medical marijuana exception may run into trouble with the law, depending on the way in which they consume the drug.

Are drivers always at fault in single-car accidents?

In many cases, a car accident involves two or more vehicles, and occurs because of a driving error by at least one party. In these instances, the responsible parties may hold significant liability for the damages to both their own property and others' property damaged in the accident. Understandably, this potential burden often drives each party to search out any reason they can find to avoid liability and pin it on another party or external factor.

Truck accident claims may involve many defendants

When a commercial truck accident occurs, it may create much more complex liability than an accident only involving consumer drivers. This may both benefit and complicate an injury claim arising from the accident, so it is important to have a detailed, nuanced understanding of the legal issues at hand when it comes time to build such a claim.

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