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February 2018 Archives

Can a DUI be a felony?

Receiving a DUI is never something that you want to experience, but drunk driving charges are greenly considered relatively light charges in the full scope of charges one might receive. While it is true that many DUI charges are not as heavily penalized as other charges, DUI's do come in a range of charges, some of which are fairly severe. This is especially true in the case of felony DUI charges.

Things to consider before speaking to police

Whenever you encounter a police officer, it is important to understand that everything you say may qualify as evidence against you in court, whether you believe you are guilty of a crime or not. While this primarily applies to official interactions with police, such as a traffic stop, all interactions with police carry the same possibilities.

When do police have to read your Miranda rights?

As a tourist, you may find yourself face-to-face with police for a variety of reasons, some valid and some less so. Unfortunately, police interactions are not always the way that television and movies portray them, and some police may attempt to place you at ease so they can continue to gather evidence against you without your knowledge. If you do not know your rights and when they take effect, you may incriminate yourself unfairly.

Is a parts manufacturer responsible for your car accident?

Not all car accidents result from a driving error or hazard on the road. In some cases, a car accident may occur because a part of the vehicle itself malfunctions, such as a failure in the brake system or the power steering, or a transmission that suddenly fails. As we move into the future with self-driving cars, the possibilities for manufacturing errors causing accidents may continue to rise.

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