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January 2018 Archives

What is a pretrial diversion?

A pretrial diversion is an important legal alternative to conviction that many defendants overlook when preparing their defense. When a prosecutor or judge agrees to a pretrial diversion, a suspect does not face a criminal trial or plea bargain that results in a conviction. Instead, the suspect agrees to complete some alternative punishment or rehabilitation program in return for dropped charges.

Reasons a prosecutor may drop charges

When a person receives criminal charges, this does not mean that the person in question is guilty. In fact, many criminal charges get dismissed before they ever reach trial or sentencing, depending on the facts of the arrest in question and the perspective of the prosecutor assigned to a given case.

Is an airline liable for all injuries suffered on an aircraft?

When you choose to travel with an airline, you have an expectation that the personnel who assist you on the plane and the pilot are all capable of doing their respective jobs properly, especially as it relates to your safely. However, if you suffer an injury while on board a commercial aircraft, it is not always simple to know who holds liability. Airlines, often described as "common carriers," bear a number of responsibilities to their passengers, but those responsibilities have very strict limits.

Can police always legally search your vehicle?

When a police officer stops you, it is important for you to understand your rights under the law, especially when it comes to your right to privacy and security. While a police officer does bear a responsibility to uphold the law, he or she does not bear a responsibility to explain the law to you, and may even have grounds to lie to you in certain circumstances. This particularly true when an officer wishes to search your vehicle during a stop.

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