Avoid these driving behaviors around large commercial vehicles

As a consumer driver, it is often easy to forget just how vulnerable large commercial trucks are while sharing the road. Unfortunately, many types of driving behavior by consumer drivers create huge risks to large commercial vehicles, which in turn creates potential disaster for many vehicles on the road.

As a consumer driver, you have a responsibility to avoid these behaviors, which include

  • Maneuvering abruptly around a large truck
  • Stopping short infant of a large truck
  • Remaining in a trucks "no-zone," where the driver cannot see your vehicle
  • Turning infant of an approaching truck
  • Pulling off the shoulder in front of a large truck
  • Failure to accommodate a truck as it merges lanes

While a consumer driver may certainly drive dangerously in more ways than these, avoiding these behaviors and other reckless actions in when driving near large trucks keeps both consumer and professional drivers safer on the road.

If you do suffer an accident with a large commercial vehicle, an experienced attorney can help you understand your rights and protect yourself. Legal counsel helps you more confidently pursue proper compensation for your losses and injuries, while helping you protect yourself from unfair legal claims by other parties.

An experienced attorney works to protect you and your priorities from the moment he or she begins representing you, and may even come to the scene of an accident to begin gathering evidence to build a claim before you even leave the scene. Be sure that you seek out all the guidance you need to understand how to protect your rights and privileges.

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