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December 2017 Archives

Do you understand the difficulties of driving a commercial truck?

When you share the road with large trucks, especially on large, multilane highways and interstates, it is crucial that you understand the difficulties that commercial truck drivers face, for your safety and the safety of other drivers. Driving a large truck is fundamentally different from driving a consumer vehicle, but far too many drivers behave around large trucks as if they are not difficult to operate and pose no greater threat than any other vehicle on the road.

Avoid these driving behaviors around large commercial vehicles

As a consumer driver, it is often easy to forget just how vulnerable large commercial trucks are while sharing the road. Unfortunately, many types of driving behavior by consumer drivers create huge risks to large commercial vehicles, which in turn creates potential disaster for many vehicles on the road.

Did police violate your rights during your arrest?

One of the most important components of America's legal system is our principle that all those accused of crimes are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This principle applies to anyone and everyone, but law enforcement often acts outside the bounds of acceptable conduct when they interact with a suspect, sometimes violating a suspect's civil rights.

Aggressive driving is dangerous for everyone on the road

When a driver behaves aggressively behind the wheel, he or she may get to work five minutes faster or avoid sitting behind a frustratingly slow driver. Unfortunately, these ultimately minor frustrations cause numerous drivers to wreck every year, incurring thousands of dollars of legal fees and damages, and inflicting serious injury or death on those caught up in these entirely avoidable collisions.

What is a commercial driver's duty to other drivers?

If you survive an accident with an large commercial vehicle, you have a number of issues to address. First, it is wise to take a moment and consciously acknowledge that you're alive, so things could definitely be much worse. Commercial trucks are devastatingly deadly when they collide with consumer vehicles. Even in gratitude, however, you must take great care to keep your rights protected as you fight for a fair resolution to the accident.

Watch what you say to another driver after a car accident

In the aftermath of a car accident, with adrenaline pumping and the disorientation that often come with such an experience, it is easy to speak carelessly and cause yourself unnecessary trouble. Whether you believe you're responsible or not, you don't want to claim liability prematurely. The other driver may also believe that he or she is actually liable, but may jump at the chance for you to take legal and financial responsibility for the wreck and the associated costs.

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