Traveling with firearms across state lines

Traveling from state to state is often more complicated for gun owners. Different states maintain separate firearm ownership laws, and may or may not recognize the ownership and carrying permits issued by another state, among other things. If you're hoping to travel to Florida from another state with a firearm, be sure to take several precautions.

First, be sure that you have the proper permits to own and carry firearms in your home state. Without these, it is difficult to build a legal defense of your right to carry a firearm across state lines. Also, you should look to see if Florida honors the permits you obtain from your home state. In some instances, Florida may accept a permit from another state, while in some instances it may not.

If you hope to fly or use other public transportation, be sure to contact the carrier to understand the regulations they must follow regarding firearms. In some cases, with some extra work on the front end, you can arrange to carry your firearm into a plane or onto a bus.

If you run into further difficulties, despite doing the due diligence on how to properly carry firearms in Florida, do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney to help protect your rights. Professional legal counsel can help you fight unfair criminal or civil charges, while protecting your rights and privileges as an upstanding armed citizen. An experienced attorney may offer forms of protection that others simply cannot provide, ensuring that your rights and privileges remain secure as you navigate these difficult circumstances.

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