The Firecracker 250 and July 4th might lead to crashes

The Coca-Cola Firecracker 250 at Daytona is only a few days away. Race fans are flocking to the area. Add these fans to the normal summer crowds and throw in the Fourth of July holiday coming up and it is easy to see why the roads are going to be crowded over the next couple of weeks.

With all of these people on the roadways, accidents are bound to occur because not everyone is going to drive safely. People who are in the area might drive drunk or distracted, which can pose hazardous conditions on the roads. These accidents can lead to injuries that range from minor to life threatening.

Cuts and bruises

Cuts and bruises can occur in a car crash. These aren't usually very serious, but they can cause pain. Serious cuts might require stitches so watch for uncontrollable bleeding or a cut that looks serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor.

Broken bones

You might suffer from a broken bone in a car crash. The limbs are the most commonly broken bones. In some cases, a bone might be fractured. This could lead to delayed symptoms. If you have a place that is very painful or becoming more painful, you should have it evaluated.

Brain injuries

A direct blow to the head isn't required in order for you to have a brain injury. You can suffer a brain injury if the accident causes violent flinging. It is imperative that you watch for signs of a brain injury during the weeks following the crash, even if you don't think that you suffered one. This can include headaches, difficulty concentrating, ringing in the ears, sleeping changes or vomiting.

Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries that can dramatically impact your life can occur. These can lead to paralysis, pain and other medical issues. This is one reason why people who are in accidents are often transported using a back board and neck brace.

Neck injuries

Whiplash is something that people often joke about, but this is actually a very serious injury. The jarring motion of the crash can damage the structures in the neck. This can require physical therapy and other treatments to help you heal.

Treating the injuries of a car crash can cost a lot of money. This can hurt your finances. You might opt to seek compensation for the injuries that you suffered if the crash was the result of a driver who was being negligent or reckless.

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