The primary causes of plane crashes

No one gets into an airplane expecting it to crash. However, aviation accidents happen every day throughout the world. These accidents may involve small pleasure crafts, charter airplanes and jets, large business-class jets, small airplanes, hang gliders, helicopters and other types of airborne vehicles.

If you were injured in an aviation accident, or if your loved one was killed in such an incident, you will no doubt have a lot of questions about how the accident occurred. In terms of aviation accident law and the pursuit of damage and negligence claims regard aviation accidents, personal injury lawyers will also be concerned with the reasons behind the accident for the purposes of establishing fault and liability.

Here are some of the most common causes of aviation crashes we have seen in our representation of plaintiffs at the Law Office of Brian R. Toung, PA:

-- Faulty equipment: There are many parts and mechanisms that can go wrong on an airplane. Sometimes these problems result from poor airplane maintenance, errors made by the mechanic, negligent component manufacture or design, negligent airplane design or manufacture, or worn out parts and equipment that should have been replaced.

-- Pilot error: Pilots have to keep track of a lot of details when flying an aircraft and it's not uncommon for a simple error to result in disaster.

-- Violations of Federal Aviation Administration regulations: When a violation results in a crash, the party responsible can be held liable.

-- Air traffic controller error: Some accidents are caused by inattentive or negligent air traffic controllers.

-- Negligent flight service station attendants: Employees of the airport can also make errors due to negligence that results in a crash.

At Law Office of Brian R. Toung, PA, we can review the facts and evidence surrounding any airplane accident to determine whether negligence occurred. We can also identify potentially liable parties who may be legally responsible to pay for damages stemming from airplane accident related injuries and deaths.

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