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May 2017 Archives

The primary causes of plane crashes

No one gets into an airplane expecting it to crash. However, aviation accidents happen every day throughout the world. These accidents may involve small pleasure crafts, charter airplanes and jets, large business-class jets, small airplanes, hang gliders, helicopters and other types of airborne vehicles.

Cycling in Florida: A hazardous proposition

You love riding a bicycle, but you know that Florida is one of the most dangerous places to do so. Even though you have strong riding skills and take time to prepare before a ride, your safety doesn't just come down to what you do. It's up to drivers to pay attention, too.

Are you a Florida tourist arrested for DUI?

Have you ever heard the adage, "Come for vacation, leave on probation?" While that sounds funny on the surface, for many out-of-state tourists to the Sunshine State, it's a harsh reality when their fun and sun vacation lands them in jail on charges of driving under the influence.

Severe turbulence and in-flight injuries

Turbulence is the term in the aircraft industry used to describe pockets where the airflow is disrupted and irregular. From a pilot's point of view, turbulence can be a challenge to handle. From a passenger's point of view, turbulence usually equals a bumpy ride and a few frayed nerves -- although, on occasion, it ends up leading to injuries.

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