Be sure to get checked for mild brain injury after a car accident

Car accidents can lead to very serious injuries of all kinds, from broken bones and severed limbs to internal organ damage. However, one of the most common and destructive injuries suffered in car accidents are mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Mild TBIs are often overlooked in an initial medical exam after an accident, but that they are still a very serious injury that can destroy your job and personal life.

Mild TBIs sound like they are not that bad, but this simply not true. If you suffered a blow to the head during a car accident, do not hesitate to get the help of an experienced attorney who understands how to explore every area that your brain injury may affect your life. Good legal counsel will know how to evaluate your injury and its effects to prepare the most complete injury claim for your losses.

Mild TBIs can affect every area of your life

Many people think that mild TBIs are not very serious because they have "mild" in the name. This can be very misleading. Mild TBIs are only mild compared to a severe TBI, which can paralyze you, put you in a coma, or even kill you.

Mild TBIs will not affect you that strongly, but they do affect many areas of your life in was that can tear it all apart if you do not know what you're fighting and get proper treatment.

People who suffer a mild TBI may find that they have physical symptoms resulting from the injury, including

  • ongoing headaches
  • dizziness
  • vomiting
  • blurred vision
  • seizures

Anyone who lives with these symptoms can tell you how destructive they are to living a normal life or working a job.

However, the physical symptoms are not the only effects that someone may experience. It is common for a mild TBI to scramble the brain a little bit so that it is very difficult to understand context in a conversation. It may also cause a person to be irritable and unable to concentrate on simple tasks.

A mild TBI can even change your personality or cause you to have difficulty understanding the things you read.

If these don't sound too bad, consider that the symptoms can last for up to a year after the initial accident. If you spend the next year misunderstanding many of your conversations, frustrated by simple tasks at work or around your home, and unable to relate to your family and coworkers, your job and family can easily fall apart.

It is essential to take any brain injury seriously, even if it seems like a small thing. By taking care of your self, you are investing in your future and in your close relationships.

Don't fight the fight alone

There is no need to approach these things by yourself. You deserve to have your situation professionally evaluated by an attorney who has years of experience fighting for justice for victims of car accidents.

Proper legal guidance will protect your rights and ensure that you can explore all your options for fair compensation as you work to get back to being yourself and living your full life.

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