Large truck accidents and their unique dangers

When a large semitruck with a trailer is involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle, there are often catastrophic injuries or deaths that result. The sheer size and weight of semitrucks and trailers make these vehicles a serious threat on our nation's highways.

When the driver, trucking company, maintenance crew or truck manufacturer is negligent, those who are injured can take legal action to recoup some of their losses.

The unique dangers of these big rigs also might involve the truck's freight, stopping distance or turning radius. Freight can be particularly dangerous if it is flammable or hazardous. Secondary injuries can result when trucks carrying that type of freight are involved in accidents.

Another unique danger can occur when a semitruck and trailer jackknife. Because a jackknifed truck can often be stretched across several lanes, there is a danger of multi-vehicle pile-ups occurring.

When trucks make right turns, they often have to take up two lanes. If the truck driver is distracted or inexperienced, part of the truck and trailer could roll over a smaller passenger vehicle.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, around one in 10 accident deaths involve large trucks. Semitrucks are involved in about 500,000 injuries and fatal accidents each year.

If you have been injured in a wreck involving a large truck, you may have a right to seek compensation from the truck driver, the trucking company, the mechanics who serviced the big rig or even the truck manufacturer. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you learn more about your legal options when it comes to seeking compensation.

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