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January 2017 Archives

The 5 top spots where car accidents are likely

Think that you can avoid car accidents simply by avoiding the places where they're most likely to happen? While avoiding things like rush hour traffic may help, the reality is that you are bound to run into high-risk areas every time you drive. Take a look at this list of the top five places where wrecks are most common:

Large truck accidents and their unique dangers

When a large semitruck with a trailer is involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle, there are often catastrophic injuries or deaths that result. The sheer size and weight of semitrucks and trailers make these vehicles a serious threat on our nation's highways.

Texting and driving primary offense bills in Florida House

Two bills have been introduced in the Florida House that would increase the penalties for texting and driving. Currently, texting and driving is not a primary offense. That means police must have another reason to stop a motorist, but can then write a ticket for texting and driving.

Feds: More than 6,000 truck drivers' medical certifications faked

Suppose you were a trucker who had developed a health condition that threatened your driver's license. What would you do? Every two years, you have to get a DOT physical showing you're healthy enough to drive for a living. Now the deadline is coming up and you don't think you'll pass.

3 things you should do after a car accident

It is common knowledge that you should exchange insurance information with the other driver if you are in a car accident. This is very important but there are other steps you need to take after a car crash too. To protect yourself and make it easier to receive compensation for any damages, follow these 3 steps:

Plane crash claims 2 lives in Volusia County

According to a National Transportation Safety Board spokesman, the pilot whose plane crashed on Dec. 26 "crashed on go-around after a missed approach." The spokesman said he couldn't confirm anything else about the crash, which occurred in the Spruce Creek Fly-In, until the investigation was completed.

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