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Criminal Charges From Vacation Can Follow You Home

Daytona Beach is a popular tourist area, and every year, thousands of people come to enjoy beautiful weather, scenic beaches and fun activities. However, a fun vacation can turn into a nightmare when a person faces criminal charges as the result of a mistake or misunderstanding. At The Law Office of Brian R. Toung, P.A., we help visitors address their legal concerns so they can return home and move forward with their lives.

We understand that what happens on vacation does not always stay on vacation. We work hard to protect the rights of all our clients, including tourists and visitors. Our attorney, Brian R. Toung, has decades of experience in criminal defense cases, and he will leverage his experience for your benefit. Regardless of the type of criminal charges you are up against, you can have a knowledgeable legal ally by your side.

We Defend Tourists Against A Range Of Criminal Charges

When tourists get into legal trouble while on vacation, these issues do not go away simply because the defendant goes home. We will provide the defense counsel you need to confront a variety of criminal charges, working to reach a beneficial resolution in a timely manner. Our law firm assists visitors facing legal complications due to the following:

  • Charges related to underage drinking
  • Assault and assault of a sexual nature
  • Drunk driving
  • Violation of open container laws
  • Disorderly conduct

Whether you were here for Bike Week, on a business trip or enjoying a vacation with friends and family, you need a local attorney with defense experience if your visit to the Daytona Beach area goes wrong. Even a seemingly minor crime can have a significant impact on your life, resulting in costly fines and expensive trips back for defense matters - perhaps even time behind bars.

We offer the same compassionate yet effective representation to tourists and visitors that we offer to local residents. When there is a lot at stake, experience matters.

You Need A Florida Lawyer For Crimes In Florida

If you are facing charges for a crime committed in Florida, you need a Florida lawyer. Regardless of where you live, you will need a legal representative licensed to practice in the state to represent you in court and in every step of your case.

While our goal is to bring your case to a successful conclusion as fast as possible, we will work diligently to ensure the protection of your long-term interests as well. Our experience allows us to navigate criminal cases effectively, guiding clients as they make important decisions that could have a significant impact on their future.

The Experienced Defense Counsel You Need

We understand that criminal charges of any kind can quickly derail your vacation. If you came to visit, but are leaving with a possible conviction on your record, we can help. You can make an appointment to meet with our experienced attorney or a member of our team to further discuss your case by calling 386-492-0022 or toll free at 800-365-8063. Prospective clients can also complete our online contact form. We offer payment plans for criminal defense cases.